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Acne Treatment

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What Makes Us SO GOOD At Treating Acne ?

  • Dr. Chavez has specialized in the most advanced and effective drug-free acne options since 2004. Some of you may remember – when we first started Clearwaves, all we treated was acne (“I Clear Acne!”) Before we knew it, we had over 10,000 clients. Now, 17 years later, we have more experience and expertise than ever!

  • Because of all of this experience, and our many different clients, we quickly learned that there isn’t one treatment that works “best” for everyone. We’ve also learned that often, a combination of different treatments works best. So, we’ve invested in all of the most advanced technologies to get every client the best results possible. No other office comes close to having the same technologies, options, or experience in treating acne in Albuquerque as we do.

Our focus is on the root cause of the acne and its consequences. Therefore, your treatment plan will be designed to:

  • Slow the production of oil to minimize future breakouts

  • Encourage deep healing of the skin’s tissue

  • Minimize clogged pores

  • Curtail bacterial overgrowth and subsequent inflammation

  • Diminish post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) – red/brown spots from acne that last for months

  • Minimize scarring by repairing and stimulating collagen for a smoother, softer appearance

Laser Acne Treatments:


With our treatments, you do not need to purchase any products, and no medications are prescribed. You don’t need to go on a special diet, and, no facials or extractions are necessary. All of our before and after photos are from using the laser treatments alone. Once the initial series of laser treatments are done, most clients only need one maintenance treatment every 6-12 months, while they struggle with acne. Once they no longer struggle, no other treatments are needed.


Regardless of which specific laser treatment (or combination of treatments) we consider for you, most clients need an initial series of “6-ish” treatments to achieve optimal results (some may only need 3, while others may need 9 or more). Treatments are priced the same, and can be “mixed and matched” as needed to customize a treatment plan for your skin and needs. Treatments are generally scheduled every 2-4 weeks. Clients can expect to need 1 maintenance treatment approximately every 6-12 months (varies) after desired results are achieved. With all of our acne treatments, you don’t have to treat your whole face, if you don’t need it – so, you never have to pay for something you don’t need.

Laser Acne Treatment Pricing:

Spot treatment (few spots)               $ 90 per treatment
Very small (ex: chin)                         $145 per treatment
Limited (ex: chin & around mouth)  $190 per treatment
Partial (ex: t-zone/beard)                 $290 per treatment
Full Face (or equivalent area)          $390 per treatment
Large (ex: partial back/chest)          $490 per treatment

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