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What Makes Us Think We’re Better At Removing Tattoos than Anyone in New Mexico?

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    Dr. Chavez has provided the most advanced and effective options for tattoo removal for over a decade! During that time, we’ve likely done tens of thousands of tattoo treatments! Lot’s of “medispas” have popped up over the past few years and offer tattoo removal as one of their many services – but none of them have the experience and expertise at removing your tattoos as Dr. Chavez and the Clearwaves Medical Laser Group staff!*

  2. We have “gold standard” lasers to get you the fastest and best result! All lasers are


    NOT created equal! When we first started, we bought one good laser that promised to remove “all the colors of the rainbow.” It was GREAT at blacks and reds, but, to try to remove blues and greens, you had to change to a different handpiece that used a dye to alter the wavelength to try to treat those colors. It wasn’t effective at all (many offices in Albuquerque still use these, and still say they can remove all colors!) We realized that if we were going to be great at removing these colors effectively (and nobody else, at that point, even had a laser that could try to treat colors except black and red), we would need another laser. So, we bought another “gold standard” laser, specifically for blues and greens. It also treats black ink very well, so, we have an alternative for people who have tattoos with stubborn black ink! We have now upgraded, again, to the most powerful systems available – to get you the fastest results possible! We now have all four true wavelengths used in tattoo removal (more than any other office in NM!)*

  3. Dr. Chavez is constantly researching to find the newest techniques to get you the fastest and most effective laser tattoo removal treatments! For example, based on recent medical research, we now apply a gel over the tattoo while we treat it, to help the laser penetrate more effectively into the ink (rather than being scattered by the outer skin.) After speaking to an engineer who works on tattoo removal lasers, Dr. Chavez now has ways to “tweak” the settings to help minimize the uneven fading that can occur with laser tattoo removal. Rather than just buying a laser and “doing a treatment”, we’re always researching, learning, and improving – to get YOU the best results! See “Faster Tattoo Removal” for more ways where we have grown and excelled to get you the  fastest fading possible – safely!*
  4. We do everything we can to make the treatment as comfortable as possible! We use a Zimmer chiller, which was designed to help numb the skin prior to medical treatments by blowing refreshing cold air on the skin before and during laser tattoo removal treatments.) Topical anesthetic is also available at NO CHARGE (just come in 30 minutes early so we can apply it!) In rare situations, clients want injectable anesthetic. This gives clients painless tattoo removal treatments!*
  5. Are you trying to join the military, but, you have tattoos that need to be removed? We honor and appreciate your desire to serve our country, and we give you a “Hero’s Discounts”!


Regardless of why you want your tattoo removed, you’ve come to the right place! You may have loved your tattoo when you had it done, but, you’re ready to move on, either to clean the slate for another tat or to enjoy art-free skin. *


ClearWaves Medical Laser Group is the Albuquerque tattoo removal practice! We’ve been removing tattoos for over 10 years, and we’ve removed thousands of tattoos from the skin of Albuquerque men and women! And, almost certainly, we can remove yours! We combine the most effective lasers and the most advanced techniques to give you the more effective results possible!*

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Using an FDA-approved laser, light energy is directed at the tattooed area for only seconds. The laser light breaks up the ink into countless tiny pieces. Over the next several weeks, your body eliminates the fragmented particles of ink, safely and effectively.*

After about a decade of using the previous Gold Standards in tattoo removal, the Medlite C6 Q-Switched Yag (1064nm/532nm) Laser and the Candela AlexLazr Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser (755nm), we upgraded to a new system! The Astanza Trinity uses advanced technology, with more power available compared to its “competitors” – such as the Revlite laser, Picosure laser, Picoway laser, or the Enlighten laser. *

You have to be careful!

As mentioned earlier, some offices will use lasers that use “dye packs” to try to remove blues and greens. When we first started over 10 years ago, we tried that, too. But, they were largely ineffective and virtually never gave clients adequate results (if they did, we wouldn’t have bought another laser!) And just because an office says they use a “q-switched laser”, doesn’t mean the laser can remove your tattoo completely or effectively. That’s because…*

All “Q-Switched” tattoo removal lasers are not the same!

There are many technical distinctions between q-switched lasers that most clients don’t know to look for. For example, if an office doesn’t use a 10ns true flat beam q-switched laser, they may not be able to remove your tattoo completely. This may leave you with a “ghost” image (some ink remaining so you can still see the tattoo), or, you may need so many treatments that it can scar you. Also, many companies are now promoting lasers with “more energy”. That sounds good – however, there are other variables besides “power” to consider. For example, one of the biggest mistakes offices make in trying to remove a tattoo is to increase the power, at the expense of spot size (I don’t want to get too technical, but…) When they lower the spot size, the energy isn’t delivered as deep, and may not even reach the ink that you’re trying to get rid of!*

Dr. Chavez has been removing tattoos for over a decade, and she stays on top of the latest research and techniques to remove your tattoo faster, and better!*

From this research and experience, we use techniques that nobody else in Albuquerque uses! We use a gel that helps the laser penetrate more deeply, and clear ink more effectively (and we don’t charge extra for it!) We can also use a liquid to allow us to do multiple laser passes, right after another, to remove your tattoo much faster! This option is more comfortable than the “regular” method, and doesn’t increase the risks for scarring (it may even decrease the risks, since fewer treatments are needed!) See our Faster Tattoo Removal page for more information! We are constantly researching ways to provide you the best treatment! Dr. Chavez has extensively researched the new Picosecond lasers for laser tattoo removal: Picosure, Picoway, and Enlighten. They sound impressive (we almost bought one), but many of the before and after photos don’t seem to show any better results than we can already achieve, and the side-effects (especially the changes in skin color even on light skinned individuals) caused us to reconsider. Our focus is speeding up your tattoo removal, without increasing the risks or the costs!*


Numerous clients come to our office after trying a place they thought would be “cheaper”. But, less effective lasers and less effective techniques means more treatments, more money, and more risks.*

Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing:

  • $90/treatment (for a tattoo smaller than a postage stamp or quarter dollar)
  • $145/treatment (for a tattoo smaller than a packet of sugar)
  • $190/treatment (smaller than a standard “post-it note” or business card)
  • $290/treatment (smaller than a personal check)
  • $390/treatment (smaller than standard envelope or common napkin)
  • Bigger than that? We’ll be gracious 😉

You may email Dr. Chavez a photo ( or you can schedule a free consultation. Generally, even with large tattoos, it’s generally $690/treatment or less.

Package Pricing:

  • Package of 6 treatments 15% off
  • Package of 9 treatments 20% off

The average number of treatments is 6-9. After 9 treatments (same area/price), all treatments are 50% off!











If  you have any Tattoo Removal questions or for more information, please email Dr. Chavez directly at: or call or text her directly at 505-888-3733.

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*Individual results may vary.

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