Sun Spots

Sun Spot Treatments Albuquerque

We have a couple of highly effective ways to remove sun spots! One option, the Isolaz, is a very “gentle” treatment, with no downtime. However, it sometimes takes a few treatments for optimal results. The second option, the Micro Laser Peel, often only takes one treatment, but, it causes a bit of redness in the treatment area for several days.*

The Isolaz:

One of the treatments we use for sun spots is the Isolaz broad band light (BBL/IPL). It’s very effective and gentle (non-invasive with no downtime!) It is a photopneumatic device (making it distinct from other IPL/BBL’s), using suction to blanch the skin to make it easy for the system to “see” the unwanted sun spot. This allows us to get the same results as other IPL/BBL systems, with less energy (making it more comfortable.) Using a “triple pulse” of light also helps it penetrate and break-up the sun spot most effectively. Average is 2-4 treatments, which are spaced one month apart.*

The Micro Laser Peel:

For people who want a more “definitive” treatment for sun spots, the Micro Laser Peel may be a good option. The Erbium Micro Laser Peel basically vaporizes off the most superficial lasers of sun damaged skin, taking away the “sun spot”. We can often clear the sun spots in 1-2 treatments, rather than the 2-4 often needed with the Isolaz BBL/IPL. However, with this treatment, there is a bit of healing time (generally about a week.)*

Sun Spot Treatment Pricing (Isolaz):

  • Full Face:                     $390 per treatment
  • Several Spots:             $190-290 per treatment
  • Few Spots:                   $  90 per treatment

Sun Spot Treatment Pricing (Micro Laser Peel):

  • Full Face:                     $990 per treatment
  • Several Spots:             $390-690 per treatment
  • Few Spots:                   $190 per treatment

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*Individual results may vary.

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