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Cellulite Reduction Albuquerque


At Clearwaves, we use the Vaser Shape ultrasound and/or the Z-Wave Acoustic therapy for cellulite reduction!

Let’s face it – Cellulite is STUBBORN.  Even with the most effective treatments possible, the results are often “mediocre.” Let’s consider what cellulite IS, and then the different options for treating it…

What causes Cellulite?

Although the exact causes of cellulite aren’t certain, the following are likely variables in cellulite formation:

  • Due to weak connective tissue fibers, fat cells herniate through the tissue, causing a dimpling appearance. The weak connective tissue may be due to increased weight, increased age, and genetic factors.
  • Because of the fat herniation, circulation and lymphatic drainage is limited, and may even become damaged.
  • Because of the impaired circulation/lymphatic flow, edema in the tissue takes place, causing further impairment / cosmetic changes.
  • Men have a different type of connective tissue network, which is why cellulite is almost exclusively seen in women.


Cellulite grading:

  1. No dimpling while standing or lying. Orange-peel appearance is visible when squeezing skin.
  2. Dimpling spontaneously when standing
  3. Dimpling when lying down



The VASERshape has been our go totreatment for skin tightening and cellulite treatments since it came to America from Italy a few years ago…

The ultrasound diathermy used in concert with zonal lymphatic massage in the VASERshape treatment increases local blood circulation, improves metabolism, and helps improve the appearance of targeted problem areas.You’ll likely see and feel improvement immediately, and benefit from continued improvements up to several months after your treatment series.

Key benefits of VASERshape:

  • A non-surgical skin-tightening procedure with no downtime
  • Smooths the contours of the body by heating the fatty tissue layer
  • Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  • Visible, measurable and lasting results
  • Comfortable patient experience, describe as like a “hot stone massage”

Now, a new treatment, the ZWave, adds to our cellulite and fat reduction effectiveness – at no additional cost to you! Or, you can purchase ZWave treatments alone, for only $90 per treatment area!

What is ZWave, and how does it work?

ZWave uses high energy radial shockwaves, which are scientifically proven to stimulates collagen formation, improve the collagen structure, and improve blood circulation. Shockwaves stimulate blood circulation in the area of application and improve metabolism in the treatment area; they also have an enormous antibacterial effect. Scientific studies have shown that unfocused low-energy shockwaves have a strengthening influence on the collagen structure of the skin and the body’s connective tissues. The intense mechanical massage effect leads to a reduction of swelling, and to an improved elimination of toxins. The shockwaves improve metabolism of fat cells and is thought to destroy fat molecules through a process called cavitation. The skin becomes more elastic and, after just a few sessions, its firmness is not only noticeable but also visible.

These are the observed tissue reactions and metabolic effects of the ZWave:

– long-term improvement of blood flow caused by formation of blood vessels
– improved lymphatic drainage and withdrawal of waste products
– mechanical and biochemical fat cell destruction
– softening of fibrotic structures (cellulite, scar tissue)
– strengthening of connective tissue (new collagen growth), leading to improvement in skin elasticity and firmness
– cell rejuvenation / cell regeneration

Likely effects of ZWave:


• On a cellular / biochemical level, shockwaves stimulate growth several factors, causing increased cell proliferation, tissue regeneration, and repair.
• This appears to strengthen the tissue, and therefore decrease fat herniation, which “fixes the problem”:
• Improves lymphatic drainage, resulting in less edema
• Improves circulation, causing increased metabolic activity, nutrients, and tissue health
• Increases fibroblast activity, which increases tissue density, resulting in increased tissue tightness and less fat herniation
• May initiate lipolysis (fat cell destruction) or aid in lipolysis

ZWaves is indicated for the treatment of:
• Cellulite (stages I-III)
• General skin tightening
• Increasing skin elasticity
• Functional scar treatment

Several medical study results:
1. ZWave produces improved skin elasticity, increased density of collagen, significant reduction in thigh circumference (ave ~2cm reduction).
2. ZWave produces significant improvement in cellulite, strengthened skin scaffolding fabric, remodeled subcutaneous fat tissue, improved long-term circulation and metabolism through treated area.
3. ZWaves increase tissue density and improvement in cellulite. At 3 month f/u, not only is the improvement maintained in the treated leg, but now the untreated leg matched the treated leg, suggesting a systemic effect (theorized through improved lymphatic drainage and microcirculation).
4. ZWave was tested with and w/o cellulite cream: Ave. 2cm circumference reduction with ZWave. No benefit to cellulite creams (used different cream on each thigh). Increased thickness of fibrous layer with less herniation with ZWave treatments.

How long do the results last?

The long-term outcome of the ZWave treatments depends on the weight, connective tissue, etc. of the individual person. For some indications, the treatment results remain permanently visible. For others, 4-6 maintenance treatments per year may be needed for continued improvement.*

If  you have any questions on Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening or for more information, please email Dr. Chavez directly at: drchavez@clearwaves.com or call or text her directly at 505-888-3733.

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*Individual results may vary.

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