Non Surgical Fat Removal

Non-Surgical Fat Removal Albuquerque

Our Albuquerque laser practice offers more options for non-surgical fat reduction than anywhere else in New Mexico!

We can combine the technologies for optimal improvement! We offer free consultation, and we will never try to to “sell you” on something that isn’t best for your needs. We will provide an honest and thorough evaluation of the areas that bother you, and how we might be able to best help you accomplish your goals.*

At Clearwaves, you can always reach Dr. Chavez directly. You can contact her by filling out the form on the right hand side of this page, or you can email her directly ( She is integrally involved in the care of each and every client, and wants you fully satisfied with both your experience, and your outcome!*

Click on each one below for more information!

i-LipoXcell: This is the newest device, and it’s very exciting! It reduces fat IMMEDIATELY (most people lose ~1/2 inch in 10 minutes.) It also treats a very flexible and large treatment area. With the added Radio Frequency handpiece, it can also help with skin tightening and cellulite reduction.*

CoolSculpting: This treatment reduces fat permanently, and does it well, but takes a long time to see optimal results (2-4 months). Is designed for the “core” (abdomen, “love handles” / “muffin top”, “bra bulge”), but can often be used on other areas such as arms and legs.*

VASERshape: This treatment provides good skin tightening, and helps with most cellulite, but doesn’t reduce fat quite as much as the others. Can be used on any body area (including the neck). Provides immediate improvement.*

Vanquish: Provides some skin tightening and permanent fat reduction. It treats 4-6 times the area of the Coolsculpting or VaserShape. It’s designed (and can only be used, at this time) for the core (abdomen, “love handles” / “muffin top”, “bra bulge”).*

Zerona: Very temporary, and very minimal results (I’m sure there’s a nice way to say “it’s not worth it”, but it’s not.) We bought it when it was the only non-invasive fat reduction device available, but we talk everybody out of it, because the other devices are so much better!*

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Pricing:

All non-invasive fat reduction treatments priced the same for the optimal flexibility – you may “mix and match” any treatment combination for your specific needs!

  • Single treatment/area: $890 per treatment
  • Any repeated treatment in the same area: $690 per treatment

Package Pricing:

  • Package of 4 treatments: $2760
  • Package of 8 treatments: $4720
  • Even better discounts available for larger packages!

This can be any combination of treatments/areas that meet your needs. For example, if you get the package of 8, you could do 4 treatments on 2 areas, or 2 treatments on 4 areas. Also, you can do a combination of Coolsculpting, iLipo, Vanquish and/or VaserShape treatments – whatever best meets your needs!

NOTE: If you purchase any non-invasive lipo treatment, and later decide to do our minimally invasive tumescent liposuction, we will apply 1/2 of your previous non-invasive lipo payments (in the same area) toward the tumescent liposuction (up to 1/2 of the tumescent liposuction price).

If you buy a package of treatments, and you do not use all of the treatments, you may apply the credit toward future/maintenance treatments, any other treatment or product we offer, or you may transfer the credit to a family member or friend (Gift Cards also available). The balance does not expire. Also, you may receive a prorated refund of the balance (discuss with us for details.)

*Individual results may vary.

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