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There are dozens of places in and around Albuquerque for laser hair removal. The truth is, thick, dark hairs are generally easy to treat, and most of these locations can likely provide a good treatment at a reasonable cost. In fact, if you have light skin and dark thick hairs, many other systems work better than ours! So, instead of offering something that you can get “anywhere”, we’ve decided to focus on the hairs that others generally can’t treat – thin dark hairs (like women’s facial hair) on darker skin types (such as Hispanic and Native American.) Most lasers can’t treat these hairs, and it drives women crazy! So, we use the Astanza Trinity YAG laser to effectively and comfortably reduce these hairs (there is NO pain or downtime!) It works immediately, and continues to improve with repeated treatments. It also won’t cause patchy hair loss, as sometimes experienced with other laser system! Now, it doesn’t permanently remove all of the hair, but it does provide an extremely safe, comfortable way to reduce the growth and minimize the appearance of that stubborn hair!*

Laser Hair Reduction Pricing (Astanza Trinity Q-switched YAG):

  • Full Face (incl. neck):                     $290 per treatment
  • Partial Face:                                   $190 per treatment
  • Limited (e.g., above lip & chin):      $ 90 per treatment
  • Axilla (underarms):                         $190 per treatment
  • Forearms (incl. wrists/elbows):       $290 per treatment
  • Chest / partial Back:                       $390 per treatment
  • Back, full:                                       $490 per treatment

Note: If you buy a package of treatments, and you do not use all of the treatments, you may apply the credit toward future/maintenance treatments, any other treatment or product we offer, or you may transfer the credit to a family member or friend (Gift Cards also available). The balance does not expire. Also, you may receive a prorated refund of the balance (discuss with us for details.)

Note: The average number of treatments for Laser Hair Reduction is 6-9. After 9 treatments (same area/price), all treatments (even maintenance treatments) are 50% off!

If  you have any Hair Removal questions or for more information, please email Dr. Chavez directly at: or call or text her directly at 505-888-3733.

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*Individual results may vary.

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