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Fat Reduction Albuquerque


Clearwaves Medical Laser Group offers more options for fat removal than anywhere else in New Mexico!

We have not just one, but FOUR ways to lose inches  (3 ways that are completely non-invasive, with no downtime!) We offer free consultation, and we will never try to to “sell you” on something that isn’t best for your needs. We will provide an honest and thorough evaluation of the areas that bother you, and how we might be able to best help you accomplish your goals.

At Clearwaves, you can always reach Dr. Chavez directly.You can contact her by filling out the form on the right hand side of


this page (it goes straight to her), or you can email her directly


(drchavez@clearwaves.com). She is integrally involved in the care of each and every client, and wants you fully satisfied with both your experience, and your outcome!

CoolSculpting: The CoolSculpting is our “tried and true” fat reduction device providing consistent results! Is designed for the “core” (abdomen, “love handles” / “muffin top”, “bra bulge”), but can often be used on other areas such as arms and legs. We now combine the Coolsculpting with our ZWave therapy at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This allows the fat to be removed twice as fast!*

Ultrashape: Ultrashape is the first and only noninvasive fat reduction and body shaping system that uses pulsed focused ultrasound energy that precisely targets subcutaneous fat, while leaving the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and nerves unaffected.*

VASERShape/QuantaShape: This treatment is great for skin tightening, and helps with most cellulite, but doesn’t reduce fat as effectively or permanently as the others. Can be used on any body area (including the neck!)*

Laser Liposuction: This is our minimally invasive office-based laser liposuction procedure. The area is numbed, small incisions are made, and a combination of power-assisted liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction techniques are used.*

The following are treatments we have extensive experience using – and, have discontinued for various reasons.

iLipo XcelliLipo provides immediate improvement – without pain or downtime. However, the results are temporary (and, who wants temporary?)*

Vanquish: This device is designed (and can only be used, at this time) for the core (abdomen, “love handles” / “muffin top”, “bra bulge”). Its main benefit, over some of the other permanent fat reduction treatments is that it treats a large treatment area. However, the results have been minimal.*

Zerona: Very temporary, and very minimal results (I’m sure there’s a nice way to say “it’s not worth it”, but it’s not.) We bought it when it was the only non-invasive fat reduction device available, but we talk everybody out of it, because the other devices are so much better!*

Fat Reduction Comparison Chart Albuquerque

If  you have any fat reduction questions or for more information, please email Dr. Chavez directly at: drchavez@clearwaves.com or call or text her directly at 505-888-3733.

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*Individual results may vary.

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