Faster Tattoo Removal

Faster Tattoo Removal in Albuquerque


Technologies and techniques for faster laser tattoo removal keep getting better and better!


It started with the “R20 Method” for tattoo removal. This is a technique developed in 2011 to allow faster tattoo fading, by treating the tattoo 4 times in one visit. This allows the laser to penetrate deeper into the tattoo ink for faster fading. This means you need fewer office visits, which is especially nice for our numerous out-of-town clients! Initial studies showed that the R20 method can give 50-85% clearing of tattoo ink in a single session, with no reported additional risk. This technique was named “R20” because the treatments are repeated every 20 minutes (laser tattoo removal treatments create tiny vapor bubbles in the skin that take about 20 minutes to disappear. These gas bubble interfere with another laser pass to be effective.) We practiced the R20 method until additional research revealed an even more efficient method!*

R0 Method


Further research revealed that, by using a specialized liquid on the skin immediately after each laser pass, it allowed the gas bubbles to disappear within 5-10 seconds! So, we no longer have to wait 20 minutes between treatments (hence “R0” instead of “R20”)!  So, you can get the treatments done much more time-efficiently, with the same results! And, the treatments are much more comfortable (the second treatment is ~50% more comfortable than the first, and most clients barely feel the third or forth treatment.) *

What are stacked treatments?

A study was then done that showed that the 3rd and 4th laser pass on the R20 or R0 method was far less effective as the first two passes, but could provide some additional risks to the skin. At that point, we improved our technique again!  We start with 2 treatments, one immediately after another, using our specialized liquid to make this effective. We call these “stacked treatments”. If the tattoo heals quickly and well, we can increase the number of passes accordingly. We do this with black ink, rather than colors, to enhance the safety profile and minimize any risks to the skin.*

Is the Stacked Treatment method safe?

The Stacked Treatment method of laser tattoo removal is safe on all skin types, although removing colored tattoos on dark skin does pose some increased risks for hypo- or hyperpigmentation (lightening or darkening of the skin in the treated area). The risks are not thought to be greater by using this method, especially if 2 treatments are stacked, rather than the 4 originally done with the R20 method (which some studies did show to have slightly increased risks.) In fact, it’s thought that these risks may be less compared with doing individual treatments, since you should need significantly fewer treatments. Because there are two treatments performed rather than just one, your skin may be slightly more sensitive afterwards. Further, you may experience some additional blistering and/or bruising in the treated area(s).

Cost considerations of the Stacked Treatment method

If you choose the Stacked Treatment Method for Tattoo Removal, you will pay for the first 2 laser “passes”/treatments that you receive that day. If we do additional laser passes over the area (based on previous healing,) you will not pay anything additional. The results are less effective than 2 separate treatments (likely closer to 1.5 treatments.) Therefore, this is not the most “cost effective” option. People who choose this option are doing so for the convenience of somewhat faster tattoo removal. If you purchase a package of treatments for a discount (see pricing page) you could use two treatments of your package each visit toward this treatment option.*

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 *Individual results may vary.

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