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Coolsculpting plus Zwave for faster results.

Coolsculpting is a “tried and true” fat reduction treatment! It is completely non-invasive, with no downtime. After placing the handpiece on the the fat pad that we’re reducing, the Coolsculpting device uses vacuum to “grab” the area, and then freezes the fat cells (“cryolipolysis”). Once frozen (at a precise temperature for a precise time), the fat cells start to die and leave the body!

The slowest part of the process is waiting for the fat cells to die, and leave the body. A device called Zwave, by Zimmer, has greatly enhanced the speed that this occurs. It has been found that by performing the Zwave treatment immediately after each Coolsculpting treatment, and, every week for 4 weeks, the results can occur twice as fast! We offer this Zwave treatment with every Coolsculpting treatment, at no extra charge!

If you’d like more information about the Coolsculpting and Zwave treatments, you can call or text us (505-888-3733,) and, we’d be happy to answer your questions! You can even text us photos of the area, if you would like, for a “virtual” consultation. You can schedule a free, in person, consultation on our website (click here), or, again, you can text us, and we’d be happy to schedule you around your convenience. You can even email Dr. Chavez, directly, with questions (

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