Coolsculpting FAQs

Coolsculpting FAQs


Does Coolsculpting actually work?

Yes! We have 5 different non-invasive fat reduction treatments – and Coolsculping is, generally, our “go to” treatment. Why? Because it works – consistently and predictably. Dr. Chavez was the first in Albuquerque to offer the Coolsculpting, and, she has treated thousands of areas. If you have an area of unwanted fat that we can GRAB, we can almost certainly treat it with the Coolsculping! There just isn’t a more effective non-surgical fat removal treatment available (especially by combining it, like we do at Clearwaves, with the ZWave acoustic wave therapy – it’s unsurpassable!)*

I read mixed reviews about Coolsculpting treatments – why?

The concept behind Coolsculpting is very simple (freeze the fat at just the right temperature, for just the right amount of time, and the fat dies, permanently). However, some people seem to get better results than others. There could be many reasons for this. First, the placement of the handpieces is important to get the best results. The handpiece should be aligned with the direction of the “fat pad”, with the center of the handpiece being on the largest “bulge” of fat. This can take a little experience to discern, but it can dramatically improve the results. Also, the hydration level of the person getting the Coolsculpting procedure is important. If the person is not properly hydrated, the fat cells (which look somewhat like grapes) become “shriveled” (like raisins) and can be harder for the Coolsculpting device to freeze the fat cells. There are likely other unknown factors that make the Coolsculpting work better in some people than others. We, at Clearwaves, have found one device that makes the Coolsculpting procedure much faster at reducing fat! It is the ZWave, and it has been found to speed up fat reduction following a Coolsculpting treatment by about 50%! We have been using this combination in our office for some time now, and clients definitely notice the difference! The ZWave is done immediately after the Coolsculpting, and then once per week for four weeks. Using this technique, clients often see fat reduction results in only a couple of weeks, rather than a month or more! And, since the ZWave helps the body clear the dead fat cells out of the body faster, clients can do treatments once per month (rather than ever 2 months) and get a much faster overall result! Some offices will perform the Coolsculpting treatments every month without using the Zwave. However, this doesn’t allow enough time for the dead and dying fat cells to leave the area, and, therefore, the treatment is basically treating fat cells that have already been treated (therefore, clients get a far less effective Coolsculpting treatment.)*

What are the side effects and risks for Coolsculpting treatments?

There are very few risks or side-effects with the Coolsculpting. The most common are bruising and a little soreness. Some clients will experience a bit of numbness for several weeks after the treatment. Rarely, clients may experience a “pins and needles” or “cramping” type pain following the Coolsculpting. This generally only lasts for a few days, but can be bothersome. There are other rare side-effects with the Coolsculpting, but they are very important to understand. The first is irregularity in the treatment area. Although we have been performing Coolsculpting treatments longer than anyone in New Mexico, and have likely done thousands of treatments during this time, we have never seen irregularity occur following a Coolsculpting in our office. However, we have seen photos, and, when it does occur, it can be significant! There’s another, even more rare side-effect that can occur following Coolsculpting treatments. It’s called “paradoxical hyperplasia’. It’s when the tissue GROWS in the treatment area (rather than getting smaller!) We believe we have seen this occur one time in our office. Prior to us, the only known treatment for this was surgical correction (removing the tissue). We, instead, performed a combination of iLipo and ZWave treatments, and saw significant improvement!*

How much does each Coolsculpting treatment cost (and what is the overall price?)

This varies, somewhat, between different offices. Also, the number of treatments varies from person to person (based on how much fat they want removed, the size of the area, and other variables. The average number of treatments is 2-4 per area. Each treatment reduces fat in the treatment area by ~20% (varies somewhat). Please see how pricing info for a full list of prices. We also have several discounts available. You can call or text our office anytime (505-888-3733) for more detailed information.

What before and after results can I expect from my Coolsculpting treatments?

Studies have shown an average of 22.4% reduction in fat in the treatment area, per treatment (we round that down to “about 20%” during our consultations).*

How much pain should I expect with my Coolsculpting treatments?

Before upgrading to the most advanced handpieces, most clients described a strong “pinch” for about 5 minutes. Now, they mention very little discomfort, at all. After 5-10 minutes, the area becomes numb. Clients are so comfortable during the last 25 minutes of the 35 minute treatment, many fall asleep!*

On what body areas does Coolsculpting work?

In general, we can treat any area of fat that we can grab! Although the initial studies and FDA approval were done on the abdomen and flanks (“muffin top”, “love handles”), additonal areas have been studied and approved (such as inner thighs, outer thighs, etc). We have also done many areas “off label” (such as arms and inner knees), with good results and no significant side-effects.*

  • Coolsculpting for the abdomen Coolsculpting on the abdomen is, as you might imagine, one of the most common areas we treat! Many women who have had children have never been able to lose that area of fat – so, we help! Many women also have c-section scars, which makes the fat look worse because it “hangs over” the scar. Again, Coolsculpting is great for this area! We have been doing many Coolsculpting treatments on the abdomen for men, too!*
  • Coolsculpting for the flanks (“muffin top”, “love handles”, “spare tire”) It is VERY common for us to do Coolsculpting on the flanks! This is equally common for men and women (and, it works equally well!) There is less of a “pinch” on the flanks as there is on the abdomen, which makes it, generally, a relatively comfortable area to treat!*
  • Coolsculpting for the upper back (“bra bulge”) The bra bulge is a very common area for Coolsculpting treatments. The upper back, like other areas, can be an extremely bothersome place for excessive fat, and it is exceedingly difficult to remove with just diet and exercise. The Coolsculpting works wonderfully in this area! Sometimes, we’ll even combine the Coolsculpting with the Vaser Shape (for skin tighening and body contouring) for even more impressive results!*
  • Coolsculpting for the inner thighs The inner thighs is a relatively newer treatment area for the Coolsculpting. We have done dozens (if not more) of treatments in this area, with great results and no significant side-effects!*
  • Coolsculpting for the outer thighs (“saddle bags”) The outer thighs is also a newer area to treat with the Coosculpting. We have done, like the inner thighs, dozens if not more treatments in this area with moderate results and no significant side-effects. We have also treated this area with a combination of the Coolsculpting and the iLipo, to give people both an immediate and permanent improvement!*

Coolsculpting for the neck (“double chin”, “turkey neck”, under chin/submental fat)

Coolsculpting for the knees

Coolsculpting for the arms


*Individual results may vary.

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