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What Makes Us SO GOOD At Treating Acne ?!

  1. Dr. Chavez has specialized in the most advanced and effective drug-free acne options since 2004. Some of you may remember – when we first started Clearwaves, all we treated was acne! Before we knew it, we had over 10,000 clients!
  2. Because of all of this experience, and our many different clients, we quickly learned that there isn’t one treatment that works well for everyone. There isn’t even one laser that works for everyone (but, don’t worry – we have FOUR different lasers, for precisely this reason!) We realized that, if we’re truly going to be the best, we need to be able to treat everybody’s acne! We have learned that, not only do different systems work better for different people, but, often, a combination of different laser treatments works the best! So, we’ve invested in all of the most advanced technologies to get every client the best results possible! NOBODY even has close to having the same technologies, options, or experience in using them!


When you come in for your free consultation, Dr. Chavez will examine your skin and use her experience and expertise to determine a customized laser acne treatment plan for you. Her goal will be focused on the root cause of the acne, and its consequences. Therefore, your treatment plan will be designed to:

  • Slow the production of oil to minimize future breakouts
  • Encourage deep healing of the skin’s tissue
  • Minimize clogged pores
  • Curtail bacterial overgrowth and subsequent inflammation


  • Diminish post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) – red/brown spots from acne that last for months
  • Minimize scarring by repairing and stimulating collagen for a smoother, softer appearance

Laser Acne Treatments:

How many treatments will I need?


Regardless of which specific laser treatment (or combination of treatments) we consider for you, most clients need an initial series of “6-ish” treatments to achieve optimal results (some may only need 3, while others may need 9 or more). Treatments are generally scheduled every 2-4 weeks.

Clients can expect to need 1 maintenance treatment approximately every 6-12 months (varies) after desired results are achieved. With all of our acne treatments, you don’t have to treat your whole face, if you don’t need it – this can help keep the price down!



Here are the specific medical devices we use to treat acne, and the pros and cons of each:


Regenlite Laser

This laser works by dramatically reducing inflammation and stimulating your body’s own repair process healing acne from the inside out. It also impressively stimulates collagen and remodels existing imperfections deep in the skin (improving acne scarring at the same time as it treats acne). It also targets and improves the red “spots” that occur with acne (PIH).


  • Treats acne, scars, redness (and even wrinkles!) at the same time by healing and remodeling the skin
  • No downtime (You can get back to your life immediately, without limitations!)
  • Treats all skin types
  • Flexibility in treatment intervals (the treatments could be done months apart, and you’d still get improvement, although every 2-4 wks is recommended.)
  • Quick, impressive and long lasting results for most clients


  • Slight risks for bruising.
  • Darker skin types may require more treatments.
  • You need to be off certain topical and/or oral medications for at least a few days before and after every treatment (anything anti-inflammatory). The oral medications include: Antihistamines (allergy medication); NSAIDS (Alleve, Motrin, Advil, etc); Aspirin. You may take Tylenol. The topical products include: Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid, or any other anti-inflammatory.


Smoothbeam Laser

We’ve used this laser since 2004, and it is one of Dr. Chavez’s favorites! It is frequently the best for deep, cystic acne, and works wonderfully as a “spot treatment” to help pimples go away quickly (instead of those painful steroid injections!) We will often combine this laser (for the deep and stubborn spots) with the Regenlite laser (for healing and improvement in scarring), to get the “best of both worlds”!


  • No downtime (generally there’s no significant redness, no peeling, or any other sign that you’ve had a treatment.)
  • Quick, impressive and long lasting results for most clients
  • Spot treatments between regular treatments at no charge (if you notice a pimple forming between treatments, you can call and come in so we can “zap” it, to keep it from getting bigger and help it go away quickly!)


  • A little discomfort (it feels like a grain of sand hitting you in the face but just for a split second in each spot we treat!)
  • Can cause dark spots, particularly on dark skin or sun exposed skin (this varies in duration it can last weeks to months or longer.)


PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)

We’ve also used the the “PDT” (Photodynamic Therapy) since 2004. It’s wonderfully safe for all skin types, and provides a lot of scheduling flexibility. However, these is a little “downtime”…


  • Safe for all skin types
  • More flexibility regarding how far apart treatments can be (can be a few months apart, or longer, and still get good results. This is especially helpful for our out-of-town clients, or for clients who like to spread payments farther apart!)
  • Long-lasting results for most clients (equal to the Smoothbeam or Regenlite, for most clients)


  • Downtime (you can’t go outside during daylight hours for at least 36 hours after the treatment.) Most people do the treatment late Friday afternoons, so that they only “miss” one day, Saturday, of going outside. You can’t even sit by a window in your house or your car! Even with sunblock, you can get a sunburn within minutes! You’re sensitive to ALL bright light during this time. However, you can go outside at night or before the sun comes up! 
  • You may be red (like a sunburn) for several days after the treatment. This is generally not severe, but the degree of redness varies with skin sensitivity and skin type (clients with light skin, who tend to burn easily, tend to get more red. Clients who generally don’t burn, tend not to get red.) In extreme cases, you may have swelling and/or peeling.


PhotoPneumatic Therapy (PPX/Isolaz)


  • Uses suction to help clean clogged pores (unique to this treatment)
  • Safe for all skin types
  • No downtime (no redness, skin sensitivity, etc.)
  • For a handful of clients, it works better for their skin than the other treatments


  • More frequent maintenance treatments (approx. every 3 months)
  • Most clients don’t get as much improvement as with our other options

The products we recommend (but by no means are necessary) have given us consistent improvement with virtually no irritation, compared to may over-the-counter, mail order, or prescriptions. They are also generally far less expensive than the products you’ll find in other “medi-spas”. However, we are not “product pushers!” If products were great at clearing acne, we wouldn’t need to do laser treatments! All of our before and after photos were done on people who ONLY did the laser treatment (we did not use any products or prescriptions).


Laser Acne Treatment Pricing:

  • Spot treatment (one or two spots) $ 90 per treatment
  • Limited (ex: chin and above lip)    $190 per treatment
  • Partial (ex: t-zone/beard)                $290 per treatment
  • Full Face (or equivalent area)         $390 per treatment
  • Large (ex: partial back/chest)         $490 per treatment
  • Very Large (ex: full back)                 $590 per treatment

Package Discounts:

  • Package of 6 treatments: 15% off
  • Package of 9 treatments: 20% off

If you buy a package of acne treatments, and you do not use all of the treatments, you may apply the credit toward future/maintenance treatments, any other treatment or product we offer, or you may transfer the credit to a family member or friend (Gift Cards also available). The balance does not expire. Also, you may receive a prorated refund of the balance (discuss with us for details.)

The average number of treatments is 6-9. After 9 treatments (same area/price), all treatments (even maintenance treatments) are 50% off!

If  you have any Acne Treatment questions or for more information, please email Dr. Chavez directly at: or call or text her directly at 505-888-3733.

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*Individual results may vary.

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