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Acne Treatment Reviews Albuquerque

Clearwaves Medical Laser Group Acne Treatment Reviews

  • “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and the whole Clearwaves staff for everything you have done for me. The way you and your staff have treated me is beyond anyone’s expectations from a professional. You may not know, but I used to feel completely hopeless in regards to my acne problem. I had tried almost every product out there only to see my acne get worse to the point where I felt disfigured. That is when my prayers were answered and I found out about Clearwaves. I am so glad that I finally found something that really works! Now I can look in the mirror and see myself, not my acne. Thank you for putting me in control of my life again.” Leticia*
  • “I’ve struggled with acne for all of my teenage years, trying every product I could get my hands on to make it go away. When nothing worked, I made a decision after doing some research on the laser acne treatments that I wanted to take the step that would make me feel more confident about my appearance. When I went in for my consultation, I was positive about the results and my treatments. Dr. Chavez was very explanatory of the process and what to expect. She was also excited about helping me out and wanting as badly as I did to see myself with clear skin. During all the treatments I’ve had, everyone in the office has gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcome. They are willing to answer any questions I have had and provide a very friendly environment. I would recommend Dr. Chavez to anyone who is looking for self confidence in their appearance. I’ve had better results in my skin than I could’ve ever imagined.” Taryn*
  • “I am a 53 year old woman that has suffered with cystic acne since age 12. I completed 6 Smoothbeam treatments and my skin was noticeably smoother with an improvement in my acne. However, to achieve the results I was dreaming of, Dr Chavez recommended doing a PDT treatment. I was apprehensive and thought what do I have to lose. Wow what a difference it made! Dr Chavez is the most kind hearted, compassionate and caring physician I have ever encountered! I am now able to attend my oldest daughters wedding with confidence which could not have happened without Dr Chavez. She has changed my life and I don’t have to hide anymore! My only regret is not having done this sooner. Thanks” Karen*
  • “The change to Richard’s skin is amazing. When he first came to you he had severe scaring and acne all over his face and neck. He now has clear skin and almost no scaring. He gets an occasional pimple, but they are minor and go away quickly with over the counter treatmentThanks so much for what you did for Richard. I know it’s your business, but it’s a great business to be in, one where you can really see the results of what you do! We regularly tell people about Clearwaves” Joy
  • “Dr. Chavez was very informative about the procedure. She and her staff made me feel very comfortable. After only one procedure my peers and I could see a huge difference. Not only did I have less break outs but my skin looked a lot cleaner.” Rebecca*
  • “Dr. Hollingsworth Chavez is AMAZING! She gave an honest evaluation of my acne, and even suggested that I stop using retin-A to see if my face cleared up before doing the procedures. I never felt like she was trying to take my money, and she actually spends time to talk to you. The atmosphere is comfortable, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Two treatments cleared up my acne, and I look forward to going back.” Martha*
  • “I see a big difference! My dark spots and my acne are going away!” (TZ)*

  • “My acne is already clearing! It’s even clearing in areas where nothing has cleared it before!” (MP)*

  • “I’m getting fewer breakouts and my skin is less oily and much smoother!” (SW)*

  • “I notice a tremendous difference! My pores are getting smaller, and nothing has been able to do that before.” (SW)*

  • “I love it! My co-workers signed up for the treatment after noticing how good my skin looks!” (EC)*

  • “It got rid of all the blackheads and dark spots on the side of my face!” (RM)*

  • “This is the skin I always wished I could have!” (BG)*

  • “The blackheads are gone! I’ve had them for 35 years and they’re gone!” (BG)*

  • “My scar is getting lighter. I have virtually no acne!” (R)*

  • “My scars are going away! My breakouts are much less severe and don’t last as long.” (DA)*

  • “My scar is fading, and my face is much ‘calmer'” (MA)*

  • “I have virtually no acne anymore!” (RD)*

  • “I love it! Everyone notices a difference!” (JG)*

*Individual results may vary.

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