Acne Treatment FAQs

Acne Treatment FAQs


Are there acne treatments that really work?

Yes! There are several acne treatment options that may work for some people, and for some time. These may include various OTC and mail-order acne products, like Proactive, as well as prescription acne medications (both pills and creams). However, these medications don’t really address the root cause of acne – overactive oil glands. They simply put a “bandaid” on the problem (which may help, for a time, but not long-term.) Laser treatments work long-term because they help suppress the oil glands. Laser treatments not only work longer than virtually any other option, but also have fewer side-effects than most other options.*

What acne treatments are available for children or adults?

  • over-the-counter (otc) acne products
  • mail-order products (e.g., Proactive)
  • prescription acne treatments
    • antibiotics
    • topical prescriptions for acne
    • accutane
  • natural and/or homemade acne treatments (such as tea tree oil)
  • other acne home remedies (toothpaste, for example)
  • laser / light-based acne treatments

Do laser acne treatments really work?

BEAUTIFULLY! We can generally achieve 75-85% acne clearance with our laser and light-based acne systems – WITHOUT any prescriptions, products, supplements, or otherwise!*

How does laser acne removal work?

Laser acne treamtents generally work by supressing the over-active sebacious (oil) glands, which is typical in people who struggle with acne. The oil glands are not permanently supressed or damaged (so, when you’re 40, and you want your oil glands, you’ll have them!) Some laser acne treatments also work by helping to heal the inflamed tissue and/or scar tissue, decrease the inflammatory response, decrease the production of white heads / black heads, and killing the P Acnes bacteria.

How much does laser acne removal cost?

This varies depending on the size of the treatment area (you don’t have to treat your whole face, for example, if you only struggle in the “T zone” or “beard” area). You can read our prices for laser acne treatments on the Acne Treatment page.

Do acne skin care products work?

Some do, for some people, for some time. However, they tend to be irritating, and tend not to be effective “enough”. They also tend to quit working, with time. If acne products worked well enough, there would be no need for laser acne treatments!*

What before and after results can I expect after laser acne treatments?

Generally, we can reduce acne breakouts by 75-85% with a series of laser acne treatments. For the occasional pimples that still occur, they are generally much smaller than usual, go away much faster, and are much less likely to scar or leave pigmented marks behind. We also offer FREE spot treatments to take care of these occasional breakouts!*

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*Individual results may vary.

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